Finnish Hall, Berkeley:
Learning Air Step Landing
Fort Mason, San Francisco:
Learning Charleston Kicks
4 week classes start the first Tuesday of each month at the Finnish Brotherhood Hall, 1970 Chestnut (off University, between Sacramento and San Pablo).
San Francisco
4 week classes start the first Wednesday of each month at the Fort Mason Center, Bldg. C, Room 362 (Sorry, no fall classes).
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  5. A 4 week session is $40. Mail check to: Want To Dance, P.O. Box 26192, San Francisco, CA 94126.
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Beginning Swing-Jitterbug
In the Beginning class, a cool cat calls this City/Street Swing, others call it East Coast, but it won't be the triple step. Learn lots of cool moves and the Charleston with manageable dance steps broken down for you by an instructor who will show you style and techniques the easy way without waiting to be an advanced student. Your bonus includes an introductory Lindy Hop lession. Don't miss the fun when you boogie-woogie, jump, jive & swing in these classes.
7pm, Berkeley
7pm, San Francisco
Intermediate Lindy Hop
Intermediate students will swing out with variations, Improve your Lindy Hop style and add Charleston kick combinations. You will want to repeat these classes, since there are new kicks, dips, footwork, swing moves and yes, even lifts if you advance every 4 weeks. No partner necessary, learn leading & following techniques, and make up combinations with your cool new moves.
8pm, Berkeley
8pm, San Francisco
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