Take private lessons or book a dance performance
Private Lessons - By appointment and charged by the hour in Berkeley's New Orleans Room.

First Wedding Dance - Many engaged couples look for private lessons to enhance their first wedding dance.

Performance - Diana heads up two performance troupes and will choreograph dances for your special event.

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Private Lessons
Private Lessons are available to get you started on the dance floor. You may add additional people to your private lesson for a modest fee. The first person you add is free. In a private lesson you learn at your own speed. You will learn as many steps and techniques as you can absorb in an hour. Dance Lessons make a great gift for someone you care for. Private lessons are charged by the hour and are by appointment. Call (510) 549-3591 and ask about the "three or more" discount.
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First Wedding Dance
Many engaged couples look for private lessons to enhance their first wedding dance. Whether you are somewhat accomplished on the dance floor or you're both beginners, I'd love to help you with your first wedding dance and choreograph something special for the occasion. Reasonable rates, call (510) 549-3591.
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Want to add a Swing or Cajun/zydeco flavor to your event? Then you should consider the Zyde-Cajun or Blue Plate Swingers dance performance teams. These dance performers can bring real excitement and entertainment to your event. Under the direction of Diana Castillo they have performed at festivals, corporate events, county fairs and for promotional videos. Dance team members start with a exciting demonstration to get your audience "In the Mood" for dancing. Then if time allows "It's out of your seats and on your feet" time for an easy dance lesson before your band or DJ music starts. Call (510) 549-3591 for details.
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