Mini-Monthly Workshops in Cajun Swing, Waltz and Zydeco


North Berkeley - All workshops are on Thursday evenings at 7pm at the New Oreans Room in North Berkeley. Must wear rubber sole shoes on these great floors!

Gaston in the
New Orleans Room
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Cajun Swing
All those moves you once learned, but forgot, or wish you knew. Emphasis on leading following, combining your cool moves and swirling her skirt.
2nd Thursday of every month
No need to 'smooth talk' your "Chere" when you can "smooth waltz" her. Learn some great moves and how to glide around a crowded dance floor. Take your swing moves and put them to waltz time.
3rd Thursday of every month

Zydeco Workshop
Is your Zydeco missing that "haircot snap"? Learn push and syncopation steps and "spice it up". Learn lots of footwork, Creole style, and hip action.
4th Thursday of every month
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